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D2C Watch Brand

From $130k per month to +$420k per month in 4 months 🚀
Paid Advertising
Paid Advertising
Facebook Ads Google Ads Email Marketing
Facebook Ads Google Ads Email Marketing
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October 2022
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Project Overview

D2C Watch Brand

From $130k per month to +$420k per month in 4 months 🚀

In October 2022, we partnered with an e-commerce store experiencing inconsistent revenue growth. Their monthly revenue ranged around ~$100k, and they were looking for a sustainable way to scale their business. After a thorough analysis of their website and past advertising campaigns, we devised a comprehensive strategy involving Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Email Marketing. Our objective was to significantly increase their revenue over the next four months.


Our team implemented a holistic digital marketing strategy that focused on the following key areas:

  1. Facebook Ads: We prioritized creative testing, continuous optimizations, and a proper account structure. By systematically testing various ad creatives, we identified high-performing assets and iteratively optimized the campaigns. This approach ensured that the e-commerce store reached the right audience with highly engaging ads.
  2. Google Ads: We concentrated on mid-funnel, high-ROI campaigns to drive high-value traffic to tailored landing pages. By focusing on high-intent keywords and creating customized landing pages, we were able to convert visitors more effectively, leading to increased sales.
  3. Email Marketing: We implemented a high LTV setup using Klaviyo, emphasizing maximum profitability through our retention-machine framework. This approach included a welcome series for new subscribers, abandoned cart emails, promotional campaigns, winbacks, VIPs & more. Nurturing customer relationships and encouraging repeat purchases, led to increased LTVs & profitability.


Over the four-month engagement, our comprehensive digital marketing strategy yielded impressive results:

  • Overall revenue growth: From $170k in August 2022 to $426k in February 2023
  • Facebook Ads: Achieved an average ROAS of 12.6x
  • Google Ads: Achieved an average ROAS of 11.2x
  • Klaviyo: Contributed to 28% of the store's monthly revenue, with more than $200k attributed revenue

The e-commerce store's revenue increased substantially (+180%) over the four-month period, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategy.


By implementing a well-rounded digital marketing strategy that included Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Email Marketing, we helped the e-commerce store achieve substantial revenue growth in just four months. Our focus on creative testing, continuous optimization, high-ROI campaigns, and a high LTV setup through our retention-machine framework enabled us to maximize profitability and scale the business successfully. This case study illustrates the power of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to drive sales and achieve sustained growth.

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