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D2C Skincare Brand

from $25K to +$130K in 3 Months with Facebook Ads & Google Ads 🚀
Paid Advertising
Paid Advertising
Facebook Ads Google Ads Email Marketing
Facebook Ads Google Ads Email Marketing
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October 2022
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Project Overview

D2C Skincare Brand

from $25K to +$130K in 3 Months with Facebook Ads & Google Ads 🚀

In October 2022, we signed on with an e-commerce store that was struggling to achieve the desired growth.

Their revenue was fluctuating around $25k per month, and they were looking for a sustainable way to grow their sales.

Together, we set an ambitious goal of hitting $100k / month within 6 months.

After conducting a thorough analysis of their website and past advertising campaigns, we recommended a holistic approach that included Facebook Ads & Google Ads, implementing Email Marketing once the advertising-frameworks were in place.

Within three months, we helped them achieve a 420% growth in revenue, with sales reaching +$130k per month.


  • Audience Research & Segmentation: We performed in-depth audience research to identify the most relevant customer segments for the client's products. We used this information to create highly targeted ad campaigns on both Facebook and Google Ads platforms.
  • Ad Creative Development: We crafted eye-catching ad creatives, including images, videos, and ad copy tailored to each audience segment. These ad creatives were designed to drive customer engagement and conversion.
  • Optimized Bidding Strategy: Our team developed a smart bidding strategy, leveraging machine learning algorithms to maximize ad efficiency and optimize the return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Performance Monitoring & Optimization: We closely monitored the performance of the ad campaigns on both platforms, adjusting targeting, ad placements, and bidding strategies to optimize results.
  • Perfecting the Offer: We immidately recognized the need to create & improve the offer that the company was pushing to their consumers. Upon launch of this new offer, the store went from doing $25k per month just before we signed them, to having a $21.000-day just 3 months later.

  • Grew revenue from ~$25k to $130k within 4 months (420% growth).
  • Reached more than 500.000 people.
  • Tested & optimized ad-creatives, audiences, landing-pages & products.
  • Prepared the store to scale aggressively in 2023.

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